The International Program Department provides a wide range of training programs to individuals interested in understanding in depth about how the Grameen Bank works. For participants, GB emphasizes learning through first hand experience and observations. Participants are exposed to GB’s fieldwork, field staff, and the daily activities of Grameen Bank’s borrowers; a means by which participants learn holistically about the structure of the bank and the impact it has on the lives of the people.

The primary goals of training at Grameen Bank are to arouse curiosity in the mind of the trainee and to stimulate interest in the subject itself. This method of training encourages participants to be responsible for the extent of learning they desire. It is based on the belief that interest generated in the mind of a person enables him/her to discover his/her role in the organization, and allows the person to experience both the excitement of discovery and the satisfaction of facing a challenge.

Grameen Bank makes its trainees responsible for receiving training and in turn acting as vessels of information, expertise, and resource for their peers and communities, as well as for Grameen Bank. Historically, with their new ideas, new viewpoints and innovations, participants have always enriched the operative principles of GB. We believe that this tradition will remain unbroken.

Different kinds of programs are arranged according to the background of the participants and their needs. A person from a field program will have different requirements than a person from a coordinating agency and a person working at the policy level will have other priorities than a person involved in implementation. Applicants are encouraged to express their professional background and future interests, allowing GB to customize the appropriate training program to best suit the needs of individual applicants.