By a Bangladeshi government ordinance on October 2, 1983, the project was transformed into an independent bank. After this establishment, the bank started experiencing tremendous demand from foreigners around the world, who wanted to learn further about the operations of Grameen Bank, as well as meet with its staff and clientele.

Due to overwhelming requests from abroad, Grameen Bank’s Head Office created the “training program� for internationals. Initially, this training program was designed for foreigners interested in conducting research about the operations of the bank and the impact of microlending on the poor, as well for policy makers from around the world. In 1987, the Managing Director officially inaugurated the establishment of the Grameen Bank Training Program.

As the success of Grameen’s Micro-credit model increased on the global platform, curiosity and demand for this new approach extended beyond the research and policy frameworks. To meet the growing learning needs of the global community, Grameen Bank established the International Program Department.

Since its inception, the International Program Department has carefully designed a diverse range of training programs available to all individuals who are interested in not only furthering their knowledge about how Grameen Bank works, but also to disseminate their newfound insights, ideas, and innovations to the international community. Currently, the International Program Department offers training programs in the forms of Grameen Basics Course, Exposure Program, International Dialogue Program, Research, Internship, Workshops and Media (preparing documentaries for press, television, etc.)