Grameen Bank crossed the milestone of outstanding loan 11 thousand crore Taka

Grameen Bank crossed the milestone of outstanding loan 11 thousand crore Taka on August 30, 2016. Professor Muhammad initiated the microcredit program by providing 856 Taka loan from his own pocket to 42 poor people of Zobra Village of Chittagong district in the year 1976.Then from 1976 as an action research project under the Economics Department of Chitttagong University, from 1979 as a special project under Bangladesh bank and since October 1983 Grameen Bank has been running its activities as an institution made by a law. At present, Grameen bank is working in all the districts of Bangladesh and having a number of 86,17000 members.

Since inception to August 31, 2014, Grameen bank has disbursed a total loan of 1, 03465 crore taka. This loan has been disbursed to the landless, asset less and poor village people. Analyzing the loan disbursement of Grameen bank of every five years, it is observed that the loan disbursement amount has significantly increased at every five years. For instance, in August 1999, the total loan disbursement since inception was only 11,910 crore taka which reached at 20,796 crore taka in August 2004, an increase of 8,886 crore taka in total. In the next five years in August 2009 the loan disbursement reached at 47,167 crore taka, a total increase of 26,371 crore taka. In the next 5 years on August 2014 the loan disbursement reached at 1,03,465 crore taka , a total increase of 56,298 crore Taka.
Grameen Bank provided the loans in the following Purposes:

1.0 Loan disbursement in Income increasing purpose
Over the years Grameen Bank has distributed 97,460 crore taka in different types of productive and income increasing activities for socio economic development of landless, asset less and poor village people. These loans have been used generally for small and medium enterprises, cattle rearing, agriculture, plantation and food processing.

2. Loan disbursement for housing purpose
The landless village people who do not have a proper house to live in, Grameen Bank has provided 910 crore taka house loans to build new houses for them. 7 lakh houses have been built with these loans till date.
3. Loan disbursement for higher education (children) Purpose
Grameen bank has distributed 339 crore taka loans among the children of Grameen Bank members for higher study.53 thousand girls and boys are studying now with these loans. These loans are distributed for Honors, Masters, BBA, MBA, MBBS, BDS, Engineering (Textile, /Computer/Marine) ,agriculture, Veterinary , fisheries etc.

4. Loan disbursement among struggling (Beggar) members
Grameen Bank has provide 17 crore Taka to 110000 struggling(beggar) members for hawking business, goat, chicken and duck rearing besides their begging profession to reach the goal of eliminating the profession of begging and creating self employment for them in the society. There is no interest for this loan. There is no specific duration for repaying this loan. Struggling members pay their installments according to their abilities.

5. Seasonal and other loan disbursement
Grameen bank disbursed a total of 4,739 crore taka as seasonal and other loans to Grameen bank Borrowers for seasonal cultivation and to get over from disasters of various forms.

We believe that this success of Grameen Bank loan disbursement will continue in the future as well. At this moment of rare achievement, Grameen bank remembers with deep respect and gratitude to those, whose active contribution and support has made Grameen Bank where it stands now.