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VCIP is providing important benefits to rural society in Bangladesh. The aspects of these benefits are described below.:

Access to the Information
VCIP is providing all sorts of IT facilities to the villagers. The villagers can have an access to the Internet and will get benefit by using computer.
Availability of Information
Village people, government and also the local NGO or institution are getting information on education, health, agriculture, environment etc. Through the village database outsiders are getting information about Madhupur in all aspects.
Ownership of modern tools
The center initially owned and managed by Grameen Communications but eventually it will be transferred to villagers. Future Cyber center would be owned and operated by village people who would pay a flat fee to Grameen Communications for the primary Internet connection and also for computer services and repairs.
Job creation
VCIP is creating jobs in rural areas. At present Grameen Communications has recruited two staffs for operating the center. In future, the owners of the center can earn money from selling services, e-mail, word processing, printing, publishing, computer classes through recruiting people additionally, using subletting services. Grameen Communications will provide data-entry jobs to trained village residents.
Reducing the migration from village to city
The lack of job opportunities in villages creates mass migration from villages to cities. However, there are not enough jobs in cities to provide employment to the migrant villagers. As a result most migrant to cities end up living in slums, displaced from their homes and unable to find jobs. Access to the Internet will open many possibilities for employment. From data entry to web marketing. Village artisans will have access to global markets.
International and local correspondence
There is a large and growing Bangladeshi expatriate population in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America. It is difficult for village residents to contact by telephone and regular mail with their family members, relatives and friends who work and staying in abroad and different part of Bangladesh, because of the high costs and long time delays associated with international and local correspondence. Therefore, village residents are using email facilities to contact with friends and relatives at instant and very low cost.
Reducing the impact of the middlemen
Village residents (both producers and consumers) can check current market prices by connecting to the VCIP web site. This would help the farmer to have better bargaining capacity in selling their produces. It will reduce the middlemen involvement in the market.

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