Grameen's Long Term Disaster Strategy

International assistance may be given through
the Government of Bangladesh, Grameen organizations and other NGOs:

Life Saving Embankments:
Most of the embankments, particularly in cyclone affected areas, are either in ruins or damaged. This Life Saving Embankment Project will be a key part of ensuring no more lives are needlessly taken away by cyclones, tidal surges and other such disasters. These embankments will be used as coastal highways and ensure that communication and transportation remain unaffected during these disasters and also enhance our economic growth.

Cyclone shelters:
Cyclone Shelter
Cyclone shelters are proposed to be built along the coastal areas. These shelters can house about 2,000 people. There are currently about 1,500 serviceable cyclone shelters along the coastal areas. Because of the timely warning system and the close proximity of these shelters, hundreds of thousands of lives were saved during the last cyclone, Sidr. It is imperative that to plan for future disaster mitigation, we incorporate the building of many more such shelters. It is estimated that Bangladesh needs at least 2,500 more cyclone shelters in cyclone prone areas. With that, around 8 million people (2,000 people in 4,000 shelters) can be protected.  Each cyclone shelter will cost around US$ 130,000.

Each hospital will cost approximately US$ 1 million. The hospitals will be run as social businesses, that is, non-loss non dividend companies to provide medical treatment to the vulnerable population in the cyclone prone area at the lowest possible cost that will enable the hospitals to be run on a sustainable basis.

Loans for Rebuilding Homes:
GB is giving interest free loans for rebuilding homes that have been destroyed in the cyclone. Each proposed home will cost US$ 150 (BDT 10,000) to build in the areas worse hit.

Scholarships for Children of Cyclone-Affected Families:
A US$ 1,000 scholarship fund will enable each child from a cyclone affected to get through school. The scholarship would cover the costs of tuition, books, supplies and stationery, school uniforms for all the remaining years of school for the child.

Solar & Bio Gas Plants:
Solar and biogas plants can bring electricity in the homes that do not have access to grid electricity.

Afforestation, along the embankment will reduce the wind speed of cyclones and protect the people from heavy on-rush of water.

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