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JC Dávila    12 May 2011 20:12 | Mexico
I admire the project of the Grameen Bank by the simple fact of helping the poor, at the time the group receives feedback from all associates and borrowers. Your project is a great example for showing others how an economy should be: households and organizations helping each other to make the market grow, and therefore, the benefits for both. But it is good to know your project is also growing at a greater rate each time. Hopefully, more projects like the Grameen Bank shall soon be created and developed succesfully. Thanks to Prof. Muhammad and everybody who made this organization possible, keep up the great work.

Fernanda Acevedo    03 May 2011 16:51 | Mexico
I think Grameen Bank - as the idea, as the intention behind it, as the whole organization - is a reminder of what mankind is made of. Prof. Yunus, thank you for your model and your will; people involved in Grameen Bank, thanks for believing in Prof. Yunus' project, and in each other. What you make for your people, and how these people has reacted, is worth admiration, it seems like you have made the difference for many. So thanks for seting the example, I hope some day we'll learn from it. As to me, I think I'll start with thinking and acting based on will and trust.

Raja Oloan Ihotma Si    11 March 2011 14:01 | Lawrence, KS
I know Prof. Yunus and Grameen Bank from my English class when we discussed about economy. I'm really happy there is a person like you. I wish some day I can open bank for the poor back in my country in Indonesia. Your works really inspire me.

S M Sayeduzzaman    07 March 2011 08:49 | Dhaka
Dr Yunus , you are great. You will remain great in the history of the mankind.We are not great.We are ungrateful.That is why we are trying to defame you. But truth will win.You will also win.

Please, forgive us, Dr Yunus.Long live you. Long live Grameen Bank.

H. M. Shah Jamal    07 March 2011 03:50 | bangladesh
I study C.A. in A. Wahab & co.
Government removal Dr, Yunus.
It is very hateful.

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