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fanylaka1979    11 November 2010 11:49 |
Thx for all!

Md.Shahinmiah    01 November 2010 00:33 | Dhaka
Sir you are real friend of the poor

md Shahinmiah    01 November 2010 00:29 | Dhaka
I want to be a member of Grameen

Greg Williams    23 June 2009 06:31 | Durban, South Africa
I heard about the Grameen Bank some time ago, but today read through your website. I'm extremely impressed and amazed by what you have managed to achieve. I've been involved in banking for the past decade I'm truly inspired by way you have managed to make use of market principles to achieve social objectives. I hope to be involved with something similar in South Africa.

Lynda    17 February 2009 02:35 | San Francisco
Dr Yunus,

Thank you so much for your tireless, selfless contribution to humanity. You are a wonderful educator on the complicated issues of economics.

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