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Carla Oliveira    02 August 2008 23:54 | Portugal
I want give the congratulations to mr. Yunnus and his work, there isn�t few people like him in this bad world. i hope ur association continue help a lot of people in the world.
Now, here in portugal there exist more poverty and i dont see any solution, everything is expensive, no jobs, the situation is become very bad...
i hope the government could learn with ur work.

Geza Gosztonyi    20 July 2008 04:03 | Budapest, Hungary
Being a Hungarian Social Worker I was eager to know such detailed information on Grameen Bank, but I could not get them until now.
Thank you for this comprehensive set of information. I believe the Grameen Bank model might have a great influence in Hungary as well, and I hope it shall contribute to the eradication of the poverty and exclusion of the Roma people in our country as well.

Golam Mostofa Ansari    01 July 2008 20:20 | Grameen Communications, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Today (1st July 2008) we launch new website of Grameen Bank with hard effort of Grameen Communications & Grameen Solutions.

Your feedback will be appreciated.

Q. Md. Azizur Rahman    01 July 2008 20:03 | Dhaka, Bangladesh
Great Work.

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