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Wei Wu    05 February 2009 16:49 | California, U.S.
I am so touched by what Grameen Bank and Mr. Yunus have done to the poor people, the community and our global village. It is very encouraging to see how vision can be translated into action that could significantly improve millions of people�s life. I am very interested in developing a similar program in the rural area of China. I am not exactly sure how to start. But I believe Mr. Yunus� microcredit approach will be very helpful to China.

Shelton He    05 February 2009 13:25 | xiangtan university China
Dear MR or MRS
I am a student in xiangtan university majior in finance .my school

locate in xiangtan which is the Chairman MAO's hometown .
I admire PRO Muhammad so much
he is not only a excellent banker but also a kindhearted man helping

the poor .there are some serious difficuties in China when the poor

people applicate the microcedit.our government is take some new methlod

to fix the problem , for example some town banks have been set up to

give microcredit to poor .Grameen Bank is a good role for our townbank.
town bank in China is a experiment.the differience in culture and

economy trigger some problem .
I am writting a arcticle about the feasibility about townbank.
I want to ask your bank 3 questions
1 Grameen Bank's profit plummeted dramatically in 2007 .I am wondering

the reason
2 whether the current economy crisis have some effect on you bank's

operation,if do have ,in which way the crisis affect your bank's

3 we all know the cost of manage microcredit is comparative high .how

is Grameen Bankt control the cost.

thank you for read this mail .I am looking forward to your responding

Shelton HE

yogesh lumar    18 January 2009 17:29 | Chandigarh
thanks for inspiring the world.its now a general feeling among educated people that if GB can make such a big difference in Bangladesh, then why not is other developing countries. we would like to do such things on our own, but not sure of it. i hail fron Jharkhand (India),there begining such things is difficult, at least i think. to ensure the success what i need to do.the real problem is local level law and order problem at different level.i feel GB should give free online workshop to the aspiring people to frame business model. can we also delve for the disabled persons who can lead dignified life (both finaicially and socially)

Ally Damree    05 January 2009 16:49 | Mauritius
Thank you for the great work Grameen and Mr Yunus have done. Others have only dreamt about it. You have demonstrated that action matters most and there is one way to help the poor, its only by helping them. I wish you and Grameed all the best so that these noble works continue and spread all over the world.

Rose Townsley    08 September 2008 07:57 | Ontario, Canada
God Bless you for what you have done! Now can you help the rest of the world ie the poor in Canada, U.S etc. I know there are slightly different issues here but the poor here feel invisible, forgotten, hopeless as well as starving. We have social help but it seems to keep them in tied in a vicous circle of familial poverty. I know you must be extremely busy but how awesome it would be if you could come up with some ideas for us. Thank you and God Bless you.

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