Intensive training on operating procedures of the System is essential for successful implementation of the Grameen Bank approach. In order to facilitate this, GT provides 4-6 weeks of training on Grameen in Bangladesh. It invites persons interested in the replication of Grameen from all parts of the world. If necessary, GT bears the cost of training in part or in full. The trainees stay at Grameen sites and learn from Grameen members and staff. Specialized training programs for Area Managers, Branch Managers, Trainers and Computer Operators are also organized by the Trust.


The GBRP organizes workshops on selected issues such as reporting; internal auditing; credit discipline; cost-effective targeting; financial management; planning, monitoring and evaluation; computerization; and viability at branch and organizational levels. These workshops are organized in collaboration with Grameen Bank and other partners in the field of poverty alleviation. The main objectives of these workshops are to track the progress of existing replication projects, and assist them in planning and capacity building with view to attaining financial viability. Furthermore, these programs expose projects to the problem solving methods of GB and long running GB replication projects.