GT is currnetly implementing the following programs:?
Grameen Bank Replication Program?
Computer Services Program?

In addition GT has also started a program for the development and marketing of dietary supplements.?

Grameen Trust also periodically publishes the following newsletters:?
Grameen Dialogue

Grammen Poverty Research?

Grameen Trust Library?

The Grameen Trust set up a research/reference library in 1994. It is intended for use by the organizations of the Grameen Family and other individuals/organizations working in the field of poverty alleviation. The library already contains over 3,500 publications which include development texts and studies, journals, reports, booklets, news articles and other poverty-related literature. The library collection also includes a wide range of information on the Grameen Bank and Grameen replication projects worldwide. Grameen Trust hopes to create a specialized library of poverty, credit and development-related literature collected from all over the world.?

GT is expanding its national and international network not only by implementing its GB Replication Program, Poverty Alleviation Research Program, Grameen Health Program, Computer Services and Library development programs but also by maintaining old and establishing new contacts with individuals and organizations who have been working or want to work in the field of poverty alleviation. GT believes that with the participation of all there will be a day when the world will be free from the indignity of poverty and hunger.?