Letter from Professor Yunus

Application Form


Objective of the Network:

The Grameen Trust (GT) was set up in 1989 with a commitment to work in poverty alleviation towards eventual poverty eradication in all areas of the world. To this end, an early objective of GT has been to establish a network of individuals and organizations working in poverty alleviation nationally and internationally. The Grameen Global Network (GGN), coordinated by the Grameen Trust in Bangladesh, seeks to formalize and expand the existing network. The main objective of the GGN is to develop a common approach and conceptual framework, through mutual sharing of experiences and dissemination of information, for the implementation of effective and sustainable credit and savings programs for the poorest of the poor, especially women, following the Grameen approach.

Activities of the Network:

1. Formalize the partnership relationships that already exist between GT, Grameen Bank, Grameen Bank replication projects, Grameen national and regional networks and Grameen's supporters worldwide.

2. Establish and strengthen existing supportive connections with national, regional and international organizations.

3. Generate awareness about Grameen and its philosophy and methodology.

4. Facilitate training and the provision of technical assistance and advice to and among members of the network, especially in capacity building

5. Build training capacity of network members through creation of training centers/facilities to be run by partners in collaboration with GT

6. Develop a common approach and plan of action for the network to achieve the Summit's goals and share information, guidance, training, technical and funding assistance

7. Share information on CGAP, involve members in the dialogue for the implementation of CGAP guidelines. Facilitate the process of access to CGAP funds/services by members

8. Identify and promote potential replicators and thus replication projects through members' local networks

9. Help network members improve existing practices to meet CGAP/international standards of best practice e.g. reporting/reporting terms, accounting, financial analysis, management practices, means of attainment of financial/institutional viability

10. Create a dialogue between GGN members on existing constraints for replications in each country covered by the network relating to supportive national policy and regulatory framework, the role of private sector, bilateral and multilateral donors, and thus enable Grameen and the Grameen Global Network to use their position to advocate favorable changes, wherever possible

11. Play an advocacy role in mobilizing resources from local and international donors and the private sector for Grameen replication projects.

12. To provide a forum for and coordinate with Grameen supporters (Support Groups, advocates, contributors to the People's Fund etc) worldwide

13. Conduct research relevant to GGN's mission and objectives and carry out case studies on microcredit programs and their clientele.

14. Disseminate information on the microcredit movement, in general, and Grameen and the GGN's activities, in particular, through newsletters, the electronic and print media

15. Share experience through periodic meetings, seminars, dialogues, conferences, staff exchange and others

16. Set up local and regional contacts to facilitate network's activities e.g. through provision of logistical support whenever necessary e.g to hold workshops and/or exposure dialogues.

17. Undertake any activity to further the network's aims