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1. Do you have any experience in microcredit for the poor/poverty alleviation programmes ?If yes, please describe briefly the programme below :
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1. Type of organization: Governmental Non-governmental Others*
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3. Date of establishment :
4. Is the credit programme targeted for poor people, especially women ?(please tick) Yes No
5. How much money was disbursed last year ? US$
6. Rate of repayment : %
7. Number of borrowers :
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8. If you do not have a credit programme, are you considering to start one? Yes No
9. Indicate your organization's budget last year : US$
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12. What are your organization's sources of funding ?
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1. How did you hear of the Grameen Bank / Grameen Trust ?
2. How did you hear of Grameen's Dialogue Programme ?
3. Have you visited Grameen Bank/ Grameen Trust or any Grameen replication programmes
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If yes, please provide dates, programme and length of stay :
4. Which Dialogue Programme do you wish to attend ? National Regional International
5. What are your objectives in participating in the Dialogue Programme ?
1. Do you wish to develop a Grameen type credit programme ? Yes No Do not know yet
If yes, please respond to questions E.2.-E.8.
2. Do you have a project proposal for the intended Grameen type credit programme ? Yes No
3. Do you have funding for the Grameen type credit programme that you are planning to start? Yes No
4. What is the total cost of your credit project ? US $
5. Total fund required from external sources : US $
1. How do you plan to cover the costs of your participation at the Dialogue Programme ? Own financing
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Request funding from Grameen Trust
2. If you require financial support, indicate what costs by ticking in the appropriate
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Dialogue Fees (registration/training materials)
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3. Please indicate if you will require an interpreter
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1. If available, please enclose the following documents : 1. Description of the activities of your organization
2. Last Annual Report
3. Report on Existing Credit Program
4. Last Audit Report
5. Documents on legal status of organization
6. registration certificate, by-laws/constitution etc.)
7. Any other information or literature that you wish to send. (Please specify).