Arsenic Mitigation Project

Besides its education programs Grameen Shikkha, in collaboration with UNICEF, is conducting an arsenic mitigation project from June 2001 in Chandpur and Comilla, two worst arsenic affected districts of Bangladesh. GS is working in Muradnagar sub-district of Comilla and Shahrasti sub-district of Chandpur. Of the 30199 tube-wells in the 308 villages of Muradnagar, 93% are found to have arsenic more than the accepted limit for Bangladesh (50ppb). In all the 176 villages of Shahrasti, 99% of the total 16360 tube-wells have arsenic more than 50ppb. GS is testing and re-testing all the tube-wells in the two sub-districts, installing and testing alternative safe water options in the communities, making community people aware about arsenic contamination, identifying patients, and working with the communities and local government bodies toward creating a sustainable community management for arsenic mitigation.Recently GS has expanded its arsenic mitigation work in another two sub-districts - Gouripur and Nandail sub-districts under Mymansingh district .

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