Grameen Shikkha is Conducting the Following Education Programs

Life Oriented Continuing Education with Parenting Education Program
Child & Adolescent Education Program (CAEP)
Child Development Center/Pre-school
Early Childhood Development Program

Life Oriented Continuing Education (LOCE) with Parenting Education (PE) Program??up
? The Life Oriented Continuing Education with Parenting Education program is the main program of Grameen Shikkha. This is an integrated non-formal functional continuing education program. It is implemented with the objectives of imparting life oriented skills concerning child development, health, legal matters, civic consciousness, social services, income generation, business and professional development etc. It assists poor women to function efficiently as group members and also helps to change their wrong attitudes and superstitions. Parenting / Care giving education is included in LOCE. The program is operated with the objectives of assisting parents/caregivers to increase their knowledge, skill and confidence for the overall development of their children.
? LOCE including PE center runs a one-year course divided in 3 phases (each phase for four months) containing different competencies of reading, writing, numeracy and functional contents. An innovative participatory teaching learning process is used for the participants. Sessions are conducted 2 hours a day for 6 days a week. From the second phase there is one class each week for parenting education. After the one-year literacy course is completed, a six-month continuing education program follows along with training on particular income generating works depending on learners' interest and demands.
Child & Adolescent Education Program (CAEP)??up
? The CAEP is conducted with the objective of providing appropriate educational arrangements for particular children and adolescent groups that will be relevant to their immediate needs resulting in better income and better quality of life. The curriculum of CAEP includes literacy, numeracy, entrepreneurship, technical skills (candle and chalk making, block print, tie-die, tailoring etc.), communication and leadership skill etc. It follows in general the basic school competency up to grade three in the formal education system.
Child Development Center/Pre-school??up
? Grameen Shikkha also runs Pre-schools for poor rural children.The age of these children is 4 to 5 years. The main objectives of the program are to establish a foundation for life-long learning for the children, help the children in developing their skills related to learning process, promote children?’s individual learning styles, ensure opportunity for all children on the basis of their learning needs, develop children?’s positive feelings towards learning and prepare the children for enrollment in formal primary schools. The Pre-school program is concerned with the physical and intellectual development of the children including their cognitive, social and language skill development that enable them to develop to the maximum extent possible.
? Besides the pre-school program GS is conducting Child Development Centers in Gazipur district in partnership with PLAN International Bangladesh. The purpose of the CDCs is overall development of the children so as to prepare them for the pre-school.
Early Childhood Development Program??up
? This program started in late 2001 in collaboration with UNICEF Bangladesh. Still in its piloting phase, this is a long-term program aimed at overall development of children particularly emphasizing their cognitive, social and emotional development. For this purpose GS is organizing orientation and training for Grameen Bank and Grameen Shikkha officials and beneficiaries on particular message for the cognitive, social and emotional development, along with physical development, of their children and children in the community.
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