In 1986, an area of 120 hectares of mangrove coastal area of Bay of Bangal was leased to Grameen Bank for 15 years by the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock. GB started cultivation of shrimps in 1986.

For Bangladesh the cultivation of shrimp is a highly profitable business. Initially, GB followed traditional system of shrimp culture . At that time the production was low . In 1992, GB decided to introduce the semi-intensive shrimp culture system for higher production and brought 56 hectares of land under semi-intensive cultivation.

Under the semi-intensive culture system, the production of shrimp increased beyond imagination. But, due to viral disease in 1995 and 1996, CSF was unable to reach its target. In 1995, CSF went for production of fresh water fish as the second crop on an experimental basis and produced 4.66 tons of Shour Punti , Bighead Carp, and Grass Carp. In 1997, the farm plans to produce 45 tons of fresh water fish as a second crop.