Grameen Fund renders financial assistance to new ventures mainly in the following forms:  
Equity Financing  
GF is one of the pioneers in venture equity financing in Bangladesh. With a view to participating in the economic uplift of the country, and encourage new entrepreneurs, GF invests in venture projects that involve high risks or having a state-of-the-art technology.
  Loan Financing  
One of the major activities of GF till date is to advance small loans to micro-entrepreneurs. GF is using the large network of Grameen Bank to operate this business in the rural areas of Bangladesh. GF also provides short-term and long-term financing to its family members and equity financed companies.
  Bridge Finance/ Mezzanine Finance  
With an objective to support its family members as well as the equity-financed companies to meet their immediate fund requirements, GF arranges bridge loans.
  Management Buy Out/ In (MBO/ MBI)  
GF is also mandated to take over the management of a sick organization that has a good market potential. In this case, GF buys majority shares of the company and goes ahead to form a new management body.
  Corporate Guarantee  
GF provides corporate guarantee service to its equity projects as well as the enterprises within the Grameen family against loans from other financial institutions.
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