Historically, communication has played a key role in promoting development. Empowerment of disadvantaged individuals and groups can be accelerated through access to information.The role of information is undergoing rapid transformation in modern time, with technological developments specially in the field of electronic communications. At present, information regarding government, community, health, education, agriculture, environment etc. is not available to all people, specially to rural people. The rural areas suffer considerably from lack of adequate information services. The rural areas in Bangladesh have become distant centers of poverty and hunger due to the lack of communication and other support facilities. The attempt to provide computer and Internet facility in the rural areas may usher in the scope to shorten this distance and create opportunities for addressing poverty and hunger through technological intervention.

Grameen Communications has been involved in developing rural technology centers as it is committed to help develop rural people new opportunities through technology intervention. Keeping this in mind, Grameen Communications established 2 rural centers under the project "Village Computer and Internet Project" in Madhupur and Sharishabari. The connectivity were established using land phone and mobile phone respectively. Now, these connectivity solutions were expensive and increases the operational expenditures highly. A third option, connecting a rural center via Microwave Link needed to be tested as its operational expenses are expected to be lower. With the financial assistance from Grameen Trust, Grameen Communications launched another center in Mirzapur, Tangail under the project "Grameen Digital Center". The center is on-line and connected with head office in Dhaka via Microwave Link.

Last Updated On June,2002
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