Software Development
GC was established with a software system development need of Grameen Bank. Obviously, software development skill is GC's key competence. It has a well experienced strong development team which has a long success story. It has developed Micro Banking software for Grameen Bank which is successfully automating all tasks for more than 1700 branches. Software products has been developed for international clients like CASHPOR in UP-India, CMC in UP-India, SKS in Hyderabad-India, Grameen Koota in Bangalore-India, MORIS RASIK in East Timor, Ganesha Foundation in Jakarta-Indonesia, ASHI in Manila-Philippines and so on. Many organizations has also developed customized software solution according to their specific requirements.

GC believes in the strategy of developing software by analyzing user requirements. It is the end user who will operate the software and thus involving the user in the development process can bring the maximum satisfaction. In an development, GC partners the end-user to study the existing operations, needs analysis and interface design. The interfaces are usually designed in a way that, user can relate his/her current operations easily with the developed system. This makes the user quickly understand the software operations.

GC always updates with the latest technology available. Rapid development in this sector should be adapted quickly and GC has been successful in keeping in phase with these developments. The result is ability to use the most recent development techniques. The diversified product line includes database application development, client server applications, internet based applications, dynamic & static web pages, Multimedia applications.

Internet Services
GC aims to promote the establishment of an accessible and sustainable information and communication infrastructure all over rural Bangladesh for research collaboration, information exchange, information sharing as well as communications development. The purpose is to introduce full internet services to educational and research institutions, government and non-government organizations and various entities within the Grameen family of enterprises.

Rural based projects has been established under the scope of the internet unit. These projects are multipurpose telecenters established in rural areas with internet connectivity.

The internet unit currently has a VSAT established with a capacity of 512 kbps. The VSAT is used to connect the selected internet users including the rural telecenters. The services also include web page design and hosting services.

The Programme for Research on Poverty Alleviation is one of a number of organisations that has been able to utilise the Internet through the PAN Bangladesh project, a joint effort between the International Development Research Centre?s Pan Asia Networking (PAN) program and Grameen Communications, part of the Grameen Bank family of organisations. PAN Bangladesh aims to deliver Internet access throughout the Grameen Bank?s network of branch offices and to subsidise Internet access for other suitable government and social institutions throughout Bangladesh.

From the beginning The internet unit has it own VSAT established with a capacity of 512 kbps. The VSAT is used to connect the selected internet users including the rural telecenters.
From June, 2006, Internet Unit has joined SEA-ME-WE-4, Through BTTB Information Super Highway Fiber Cable. And Extend it?s Bandwidth Capacity to 3 Mbps along with the VSAT.
We have 10 Phone lines to Server the Dialup Service to Client.

Our Services:
  • Internet Dial-up Service through Telephone (PSTN)
  • Internet Under Network (LAN)
  • High Speed Internet through Radio Link / DSL

  • Web Hosting, Designing & Developing and Maintanance

Hardware Services
The unit is enriched by experienced engineers who undertake the important role of hardware maintenance, routine services as well as the help desk support for the Grameen family of enterprises and other institutions. Centralized procurement of IT products & hardware is also one of the responsibilities of the section.

The task of this unit is to give extensive training to customers and assist clients to reach to a smooth operational condition of any developed system. It has successful implemented the Micro Banking software in over 800 rural branches of Grameen Bank.

The training section is responsible for local and international training on general application packages, specialized software, system analysis, programming languages and software developed for the Grameen family of enterprises. The training room is equipped with state of the art technology and equipment.

Data Entry
The Software unit is currently providing data entry and data processing services to different organizations. Recently it has completed projects like entering 2.5 million information of the shareholders of Grameen Bank, Arsenic contamination information entry, data entry project with Brown University, USA.