Micro Banking

Grameen Communications was established with a software system development need of Grameen Bank. Obviously, software development skill is GC?s key competence. It has a well experienced strong development team which has a long success story. It has developed Micro Banking software for Grameen Bank which is successfully automating all tasks for 800 branches. Software products has been developed for international clients like CFTS, India and ASHI, Philippines.

Grameen Banker
The database software is used to monitor micro-credit loans. The software consists of multi-user and multi-lingual capability, easy operation in Windows environment and multiple report generation options.

This unique software increases the organizational efficiency and workload reduction for micro?credit service providers. This product is currently being used in 800 rural branches of Grameen Bank through the Data Management Center.

Details of the versions:
Grameen Banker Version 1.0 - Clipper/ FoxPro
Grameen Banker Version 2.0 - MS Visual Basic 5.0 (Language), MS Access (Database), Crystal Report (for Reports)
Grameen Banker Version 3.0 - MS Visual Basic 5.0/ 6.0 (Language), MS Access (Database), Crystal Report (for Reports)

MIS Software for CASHPOR Financial & Technical Services, India
CASHPOR if a financial organization in India. Providing micro credit loans like Grameen Bank is their main business. The software contains 3 parts: The Portfolio Tracker, The Monitoring Part and The Accounting Part. CASHPOR will be able to automate its branches fully and can be able to transfer data to head office and monitor the performance of each branch from there.

Details of the software:
MS Visual Basic 5.0 (Language), MS Access (Database), Crystal Report (for Reports)

MIS Software for ASHI, Philippines
ASHI is a Philippine based micro credit organization which follows Grameen Bank style operations. Grameen Communications has recently developed a Micro Banking software for ASHI, called MicroFinance Manager xf, to automate their field level operations as well as Head Office level operations. The software has 2 major modules: The Operations Module and Accounting Module. The software can keep track and update information for each borrower and does the operational and accounting tasks in an automatic process. There exists a number of reports which are very useful for different management levels. The product has the ability to transfer consolidated information from the branch level to head office level. This enables ASHI to monitor its performance better than ever before.

Details of the software:
MS Visual Basic 6.0 (Language), MS Access (Database)/SQL Server, Crystal Report (for Reports)