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Grameen Communications, a member of Grameen family of enterprises, is a not for profit Information Technology company. It has been providing complete systems solution through developing software products and services, internet services, hardware & networking services and IT education services since its inception.

Long before its official appearance in 1997 as a separate entity, Grameen Communications started its activities as Computer Services Unit, a computer support unit under Grameen Trust. The unit was established in 1994 for the purpose of developing an automated MIS system for Grameen Bank which could automate the branch level activities of Grameen Bank. At the same time Grameen Communications was also involved in providing support services for different Grameen organizations.

During the long experience of developing IT solutions for different users and providing support services in the field levels, Grameen Communication has learned how to develop systems for the most novice users, how to become innovative, how to customize systems depending on the user needs, how to provide continuous support services to the field level to implement systems successfully, how to make users confident on the systems, how to train a person who never saw a computer before to operate a system, how to serve high end customers, how to adopt latest technologies in development?…..

All these learning helped Grameen Communications to become a leading player in systems development nationally and internationally. Grameen Communications is now proud to be in charge of developing systems for organizations like Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, CASHPOR in UP-India, CMC in UP-India, SKS in Hyderabad-India, Grameen Koota in Bangalore-India, MORIS RASIK in East Timor, Ganesha Foundation in Jakarta-Indonesia, ASHI in Manila-Philippines and so on. The ultimate achievement in developing solutions for these organizations is having total USER SATISFACTION.

Grameen Communications is also dedicated in developing IT projects targeting the rural areas. It believes, IT can bring new opportunities for the poor people which can be used as efficient tool to fight poverty. Believing this, the company has developed a number of multipurpose tele-centers in rural areas using different connectivity solutions and equipped with state-of-art computing facilities. The centers are used by the villagers for the purpose of information access, communication, IT education and other IT services.

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