2006 Nobel Laureate Muhammad is Our Honorable Chairman
'Digital Divide' can only get worse if no social interventions are made?…Digital divide will more and more mean knowledge divide, skill divide and, of course, opportunity divide?…Microcredit and IT both have a common capacity - capacity to empower the poor" Muhammad
Grameen Communications a member of Grameen family of enterprises is a non-profit organization committed to poverty alleviation and promotion of democracy. The goal of Grameen Communications through Village Internet Program is the promotion of poverty alleviation measures by reducing migration from villages to cities, creating IT related job opportunities for the rural poor and creating familiarity with computers among the rural population of Bangladesh.

Grameen Communications is a ICT Company. It has been providing complete systems solution through developing software products and services, internet services, hardware & networking services and IT education services since its inception.
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Rural ICT Development Micro Banking

Grameen Communications is also dedicated in developing IT projects targeting the rural areas. It believes, IT can bring new opportunities for the poor people which can be used as efficient tool to fight poverty. Believing this, the company has developed a number of multipurpose tele-centers in rural areas using different connectivity solutions and equipped with state-of-art computing facilities. The centers are used by the villagers for the purpose of information access, communication, IT education and other IT services.

Grameen Communications was established with a software system development need of Grameen Bank. Obviously, software development skill is GC?s key competence. It has a well experienced strong development team which has a long success story. It has developed Micro Banking software for Grameen Bank which is successfully automating all tasks for 800 branches. Software products has been developed for international clients like CFTS, India and ASHI, Philippines.