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Grameen Trust Internship Program

Eighteen students from various schools, colleges and universities in Bangladesh, Canada, France, Hong Kong, U.K. and U.S.A. participated in the Grameen Trust internship program during July-September 2008. Through Internship Program GT provides an opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of microcredit operations worldwide in general and Grameen methodology in particular.

As a part of the program, the Interns undertake field visits, prepare reports, case and impact studies of the microcredit program of GB and Grameen Trust partners.

Grameen Trust Update
September 2008

in US$
1.0   Total No. of GT Partner Organizations   144
2.0   Total No. of Countries   38
3.0   Cumulative No. of Groups   872,897
4.0   Cumulative No. of Centres   224,440
5.0   Cumulative No. of Branches   3,159
6.0   Cumulative No. of Members   5,509,990
7.0   Amount Disbursed This Month   72,134,490
8.0   Cumulative Amount Disbursed   3,583,590,798
9.0   Amount Repaid This Month   63,881,712
10.0   Cumulative Amount Repaid   2,945,418,002
11.0   Amount of Loan Outstanding   636,327,578
12.0   Savings Balance   104,974,301
13.0   Percentage of Women Borrowers   94%
14.0   Repayment Rate (Average)   96%

Consultancy Services from Grameen Trust

Grameen Trust offers Consultancy Services to those organizations that are interested in setting up and implementing poverty focused microfinance programs in any country of the world. GT offers MFI Rehabilitation Services and also implements microfinance programs in difficult situations and areas following Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT), Build, Operate and Manage (BOM) and Build, Operate and Own (BOO) models.

Organizations interested in receiving consultancy or other technical services from Grameen Trust, please contact:

Managing Director
Grameen Trust
Phone/Fax: 880-2-8016319