Grameen Bank Monthly Update: June 2008

  Item Million US$
1.0 Cumulative amount disbursed 6,629.18
2.0 Cumulative amount repaid 5,926.07
3.0 Amount disbursed this month 75.44
4.0 Amount repaid this month 58.26
5.0 Balance of borrower deposits 401.60
6.0 Balance of all deposits 705.59
7.0 Balance of loan insurance savings 58.11
8.0 Housing loans disbursed (cumulative) 204.78
9.0 Amount paid out from life insurance fund (cumulative) 3.88
10.0 Scholarships (cumulative) 0.76
11.0 Higher education loans disbursed (cumulative) 9.09

  Item Number
12.0 Number of branches 2,475
13.0 Number of Villages 80,511
14.0 Number of centers 136,293
15.0 Number of groups 1,164,785
16.0 Number of Member 7,387,542
   Female 7,146,885
   Male 240,657
17.0 Cumulative number of houses built with GB housing loans 650,398
18.0 No. of branches with more deposits than outstanding loans 1,373
19.0 Ratio of deposits and own resources to outstanding loans 152
20.0 Coumulative no. of student loans 20,273
21.0 Coumulative no. of scholarships 50,511
22.0 Coumulative no. of village phones 295,433

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