Grameen Trust Update
April 2008

  Particulars   Number/
Amount in US$
1.0 Total No. of GT Supported Organizations   143
2.0 Total No. of Countries   38
3.0 Cumulative No. of Groups   810,416
4.0 Cumulative No. of Centres   209,442
5.0 Cumulative No. of Branches   2,477
6.0 Cumulative No. of Members   5,016,863
7.0 Amount Disbursed This Month   69,794,846
8.0 Cumulative Amount Disbursed   3,295,124,703
9.0 Amount Repaid This Month   55,302,526
10.0 Cumulative Amount Repaid   2,746,255,489
11.0 Amount of Loan Outstanding   547,309,606
12.0 Savings Balance 87,622,206   87,622,206
13.0 Percentage of Women Borrowers   94%
14.0 Repayment Rate (Average)   95%

Grameen Trust Programs for 2008
Dialogue and Training

Grameen Trust in collaboration with Grameen Bank and the Grameen network partners will organize the following Grameen Dialogue Programs and International Training programs for microcredit practitioners in 2008. Interested organizations or individuals that wish to participate are requested to write to Grameen Trust, Grameen Bank Bhaban, Mirpur - 2, Dhaka- 1216, Bangladesh; Fax & Telephone: 880-2-8016319; E-mail: or

1. Grameen International Dialogue Programs Date Country
54th Dialogue Aug. 9-20, 2008 Bangladesh
55th Dialogue Nov. 22- Dec. 3, 2008 Bangladesh
2. Grameen International Training programs Date Country
Grameen Basics Feb. 23-24 , 2008 India
Grameen Generalised System June 15-16, 2008 Indonesia
Grameen Generalised System July19-20, 2008 India
Grameen Generalised System Sept. 21-25, 2008 China
Grameen Basics Oct. 25-26 , 2008 Costa Rica

Consultancy Services from Grameen Trust

Grameen Trust offers Consultancy Services to those organizations that work for setting up and implementing poverty focused microfinance programs in any country of the world. It offers MFI Rehabilitation Services and implement microfinance programs in difficult situations and areas on Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT), Build, Operate and Manage (BOM) and Build, Operate and Own (BOO) basis.

Organizations interested in receiving consultancy or other technical services from Grameen Trust, please contact for details:

Managing Director
Grameen Trust
Phone/Fax: 880-2-8016319