Grameen Shakti Receives UK Award

Grameen Shakti ( GS) received two international awards in 2006. GS received the Ashden award from UK for being the one of the pioneer market based organizations to bring solar PV technology to rural communities, specially its use of microfinance to develop innovative financial mechanisms to bring one of the most modern renewable energy technologies to the rural communities at affordable costs. Mr. Dipal Chandra Barua, its founding managing director, also received the European Solar Prize from Euro Solar, Germany, for his special contribution towards women's education through renewable energy technologies.

Mr. Dipal C. Barua, Managing Director, Grameen Shakti, Bangladesh with HRH Prince Charles,London 2006

Grameen Shakti's approach includes an innovative system for financing the solar home systems for villagers. This system is based on experiences from Grameen Bank's microcredit program. Other key factors include, linking renewable energy technologies with income generating activities at the local level through renewable energy entrepreneurs. Simultaneously, communities are motivated through awareness raising campaigns to establish new renewable energy businesses and create employment opportunities.

One of Grameen Shakti's most successful programs is its Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Program. GS has installed nearly 77,000 Solar Home Systems (SHSs) in rural areas of Bangladesh.This has made GS one of the largest and fastest growing rural based renewable energy companies in the world. These systems have positively impacted the lives of the rural population, especially women and children. Introduction of SHSs has resulted in time saving and provided an opportunity for women to engage in income generating activities such as poultry farming.

Indoor environment is also improved due to the replacement of kerosene as a source of lighting. Use of SHSs has increased business hours and created new businesses, such as TV, radio, mobile phone repair shops, community TV centers, solar powered mobile phones and computer training centers, and new employment opportunities.
GS plans to install 1,000,000 SHSs by 2015. It has set up 20 Grameen Technology Centers (GTCs) for this purpose.
These centers will decentralize the marketing, production, repair, and maintenance services at the local level. GS plans to set up more than 100 GTCs and use these centers to develop renewable energy entrepreneurs who will manufacture, promote, install, and provide after sales services for SHSs at the local level. These GTCs will train women technicians and entrepreneurs to carry out these activities.
GS is also undertaking new programs to promote and implement other renewable energy technologies such as biogas, organic fertilizers, improved cook stoves, small SHSs etc. GS has completed a successful pilot program to construct about 550 biogas plants in less than a year. GS is focusing on constructing community based larger sized biogas plants which would be able to serve more than one family. GS has already signed agreements with two companies to manufacture and promote organic fertilizers. Another initiative of GS is to train technicians who will promote and construct improved stoves as well as train other trainees. GS has also begun a new pilot project for small SHSs for low income income rural people to provide pollution free efficient lights and an opportunity to take part in income generating activities.
It is expected that GS's integrated and diverse approach to serve the energy and development needs of the rural people will have a big impact on Bangladesh rural sector. Rural people will be able to access modern facilities such as telecommunication, electricity, etc. through renewable energy technologies.

Consultancy Services from Grameen Trust


Grameen Trust offers consultancy services to those organizations that work for setting up and implementing poverty focused microfinance programs in any country of the world. It also offers its services to directly implement microfinance programs in difficult situations and areas.

Organizations interested in receiving consultancy or other technical services from Grameen Trust, please contact for details:

Managing Director
Grameen Trust
Grameen Bank Bhaban
Dhaka 1216, Bangladesh
Phone/Fax: 880-2-8016319
E-mail: [email protected]


Grameen Trust Programs for 2006 & 2007


Dialogue, Workshop and Training

Grameen Trust, in collaboration with Grameen Bank and Grameen network partners, will organize the following Grameen Dialogue, International Training and Workshop Programs, for microcredit practitioners worldwide during 2006 and 2007. Interested organizations or individuals that wish to participate are requested to write to Grameen Trust, Grameen Bank Bhaban, Mirpur-2, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh; Fax & Telephone: 880-2-8016319; E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]
Grameen International Dialogue Program
51st Dialogue Dec. 02-13, 2006 Bangladesh
52nd Dialogue Apr. 14-25, 2007 Bangladesh
53rd Dialogue Aug. 18-29, 2007 Bangladesh
54th Dialogue Nov. 24-Dec. 5, 2007 Bangladesh
Grameen International Training Program
Grameen Basics May 15-17, 2007

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Grameen Basics Sep. 20-22, 2007 India
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