Nobel Peace Prize 2006


Royal Message from Spain


We are delighted to hear the news of the awarding of The 2006 Peace Nobel Prize equally to you and the Grameen Bank and, on behalf of all our family, we send you our most affectionate congratulations for this most deserving award.

Your pioneering initiatives with the concept of microcredits and your dedicated work in extending your vision throughout the world have played an outstanding role, as the Nobel Committee points out, in the path to eradicating poverty and, consequently, providing the poor with dignity and the means for a better life, a key contribution, no doubt, to the progress and the peace in the world.

Most affectionately,

King Juan Carlos II and Queen Sofia
13 October, 2006


WB President Congratulates


It was with great joy that I learned today that the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to you and the Grameen Bank. Your commitment to microcredit and poverty reduction in Bangladesh has had an enormous impact. Likewise, Grameen's strong support for the role of women and poor people in the economy and society over the past 30 years is now global best practice. On behalf of the World Bank staff and management, I wish to congratulate you.



Paul Wolfowitz
President, World Bank
Washinton DC, USA
13 October, 2006


Princess Irene of Greece


All of us at World in Harmony send you our fondest congratulations, with great joy and enthusiasm. What a wonderful day for the world, for women, for your country, for your culture, for all your admirable colleagues at GRAMEEN BANK, and today is Friday! Hurrah!!

Princess of Greece

President, World in Harmony
13 October, 2006


Princess Maxima of Netherlands


On behalf of her Royal Highness Princess Maxima of the Netherlands, I would like to congratulate you for the Nobel Peace Prize. It is a fantastic recognition of the work you have done to give people a chance to become independent.

Yvette van Eechoud
On behalf of Princess Maxima
The Hague
The Netherlands
13 October, 2006



Message from Condoleeza Rice


U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says that Muhammad "has empowered millions through access to finance to improve their lives." She said the United States congratulates the Nobel committee "for an excellent choice for this year's laureate, to whom we also send our warmest appreciation for his outstanding work on behalf of the world's impoverished."

13 October, 2006



Message from Kofi Annan


"United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today hailed the award of this year's Nobel Peace Prize to microfinance economist Muhammad and the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh as a victory for efforts to help to "break the vicious circle of poverty" and set low-income families on the path to prosperity.

"They have provided a powerful weapon to help the world reach the Millennium Development Goals, by helping people change their lives for the better - especially those who need it most," Mr. Annan said in a statement issued by his spokesman, referring to the targets set by the UN Millennium summit of 2000 to dramatically slash poverty, illiteracy, maternal and infant mortality and a host of other global ills by 2015.

"The Secretary-General is delighted that the Nobel Peace Prize for 2006 has been awarded to Professor Muhammad and the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh, pioneers of the microfinance movement and long-standing allies of the United Nations in the cause of development and the empowerment of women," the statement added.

"He notes that thanks to Professor Yunus and the Grameen Bank, microfinance has proved its value as a way for low-income families to break the vicious circle of poverty, for productive enterprises to grow, and for communities to prosper."


13 October, 2006

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