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Grameen Shakti Wins IDCOL's
"Best Organization Award" 2005

Mr. Dipal Barua, Managing Director, Grameen Shakti (GS) received the award for the best organization and for outstanding contribution to the success of solar home systems (SHSs), from the Honourable Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Begum Khaleda Zia on September 6, 2005. The award was given on the occasion of the installation of 500,0000 SHSs in Bangladesh. These SHSs were installed under a project financed by the Infrastructure Development Company Ltd. (IDCOL). Grameen Shakti alone has installed two-third of all the SHSs in Bangladesh, making it a country with one of the fastest growing solar PV programs in the world.

Bangladesh is an energy starved country. Only 30% of the people have access to electricity. The rural poor are the worst sufferers, especially the women and children. It has not been possible for the Bangladesh government to light up homes of the poor with grid electricity. Against this backdrop, GS, a not-for-profit renewable energy company, was launched in 1996 to provide renewable energy services such as solar, biogas and wind energy, in the rural areas of Bangladesh. It was one of the first in Bangladesh to successfully promote SHSs on a commercial basis, and has designed the most successful market-based model for rural electrification through solar PV technology. It has been recognised with national and international awards including the award from IDCOL in 2005. Other awards include: Energy Globe Award 2002 from Austria, European Solar Prize 2003 from Germany, Best Theme Award 2003 from USAID, and Solar Prize 2004 from IDCOL. So far GS has installed 55,000 SHSs serving more than 300,000 beneficiaries through its 153 unit offices, spread over 58 districts. More than 1700 SHSs are installed per month, making GS one of the fastest growing companies in the solar renewable energy sector. Users of SHSs are earning more income, enjoying better quality of life, and women and children are living in improved indoor environment. SHSs can be used to light up homes, shops, fishing boats etc. It can also be used to charge cellular phones, run televisions , radios and cassette players etc.

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