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CWFD: Striving for Women's Emancipation




From the late 50s, attention was given to mainstreaming women in the development process. In a tradition bound society like Bangladesh, women were always put behind the curtain and confined to performing household chores.

Following the emergence of Bangladesh as an independent country, a few organizations were established to help poor women help themselves. Of these, Concerned Women for Family Development (CWFD) is the forerunner in catering to the needs of the women, by identifying their potential and arranging appropriate skill development training, and bringing them under microcredit programs towards greater self-reliance.

The main mission of CWFD is to improve the lives of women and improve their standing within the household, so that they have an equal status. It provides health awareness and training for income generation. Furthermore, CWFD has diligently pursued bringing about a change in society's moral fabric, to allow women to become more involved and central to the decision making process of the family.

CWFD is operatiog in Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna Bogra, Magura, Tangail, and Khulna. In these areas, CWFD formed groups and provided the women with training in education, health awareness, accounting and skill development. Then the group members are provided with credit for building their own enterprise. CWFD members are engaged in various income generating activities including embroidery, retail, poultry, livestock, kitchen gardening, etc. CWFD boasts a repayment rate of 98%. Its success has encouraged CWFD to strengthen its commitment to the cause of women's self-reliance and giving them their rightful position in their family, as well as in society.
CWFD At A Glance
February 2006
Number of Branches 6
Number of Center s 320
Number of Groups 1,564
Members 8,034
Total Disbursement 130,391,500
Total Outstanding 21,484,303
Total Saving 21,185,093

Shamsul Alam Khan Chowdhury
Project Director
Turkish Grameen Microcredit Project (TGMP)
January 2006
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