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  Raising Poultry, To Raise Income  

Ms. Yunis Marwa is a struggling, but a successful borrower of JECY Development Trust Fund, living on the outskirts of Dar-es-Salaam. Fifty one year old Yunis is the mother of 12 children. Her husband is a retried soldier who lost his legs in war and became handicapped.

She started selling chicken and eggs since 1991 with her hard earned savings of USD 6 to support her family. She was struggling to maintain her family, but was determined to send her children to school and improve her family welfare.

She joined JECY Fund as a member of the Umoja Centre of Tabata-Segerea branch. Her first loan of USD 30 received in 1998, enabled her to expand her business and start poultry farming. She is now on her 13th loan cycle. She has taken so far USD 4,250. She used her loans for expanding her poultry business , building sheds for poultry and ducks, their house for own living which is now under construction. She is sending her eight children to schools, including one to a technical college and meeting their entire educational expenses. After she finishes the construction of her house, she plans to construct a water well at her premises for both family use and selling water, which is so scarce in her neighborhood. She is now the chief of her centre and a promising entrepreneur.


JECY Development Trust Fund

JECY Development Trust Fund was registered in 1997. Mr. C.T. Balele, the founding Managing Director of JECY Trust, is a disabled person. He attended Grameen International Dialogue Program in Bangladesh in 1995. He also attended training programs organized by Grameen Trust in Bangladesh and Tanzania.

The main objective of JECY Trust is to increase household income of the poor communities, particularly the unemployed women, youth and people with physical disability, through financial services. Its aim is also to promote self-employment for the target group through enterprise development, training and other support services. The activities of the JECY started in 1997 with the initial support from its founder members. It received funding from CARE International and other local donors. It is a partner of Grameen Trust.

JECY Trust is operating through its two branches: Tabata and Gongolamboto branch in Ilala district of Dar Es Salaam region. It has reached a total of 523 members, with a loan outstanding of US$ 33,184. The main loan activities are, grocery shops drug stores, fruit stalls, animal feed shops, hair dressing saloon, poultry farming, tailoring, snacks making, weaving etc.

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