47th Grameen International Dialogue Program


The 47th International Dialogue Program, organized jointly by Grameen Trust and Grameen Bank, was held in Bangladesh on December 6-16, 2003. Ten participants from five countries including Bangladesh, China, India, Tanzania, and the United States, attended the program.

The participants underwent a six day long village immersion, in course of which they met and interacted with the bank members as well as the branch level staff. They had a first hand experience of GB microcredit activities on the ground and its impact on the lives of the poor. The flexibility and other client friendly features of Grameen Bank II or the Grameen Generalised System impressed them most. Participants also visited one of the urban partners of Grameen Trust and met their staff and clientele to see for themselves the urban microcredit operations which try to follow the Grameen Bank approach.

The participants presented their action plans and project proposals in the concluding session of the Dialogue. They indicated their interest to work as partners of Grameen Trust.

  Grameen Basics Training in Indonesia  

Grameen Trust in collaboration with Yayasan Mitra Usaha (YMU) organized a training program on Grameen Basics. Senior staff member of Grameen, eight replication partners and staff from micro finance programs in Indonesia, participated in the training.

The training program was designed to provide a clear understanding of the essentials of the Grameen Bank Generalized System. It included topics on loan and savings products, maintaining loan portfolio quality, increasing institutional efficiency and impact on poverty. The issues of targeting, monitoring and auditing, provisioning and writing off policy, challenge of scaling up operations, were also examined in depth. Participants visited a branch of YMU to see its operation on the ground and evaluate its performance.

  Technical Mission to Zambia  

A four member technical mission consisting of officials from Grameen Trust and UNV, visited Zambia on December 7-13,2003. The purpose of the visit was to assess the situation, nurturing the partnership and clarifying role of key partners and cooperative actors, before the implementation of the project, which is currently under review and finalization by UNV.

The project “Micro finance for Poverty Reduction in Zambia” was initiated by the Government of the Republic of Zambia, UNDP and Grameen Trust, after the Southern Africa Regional Microcredit Summit held in Lusaka in 1998. In October 2003, Professor H I Latifee, Managing Director of Grameen Trust and UNV officials, met in Bonn to discuss future collaboration in Zambia. They concluded to hold a joint mission to Zambia in December 2003.

The Mission met a number of organizations including UNDP, CIDA, ICAZ, MBT, AMIZ, MPU, the Central Bank, MCDSS, two ministries, and NGO association in Zambia. The mission discussed with government officials, NGO representatives, microcredit practitioners and poor women from the rural areas. It also shared with them the global experience of Grameen Trust activities and future possibilities of developing microcredit programs in Zambia, following Grameen Bank approach.

The proposed program is expected to be on the ground by the end of March 2004.

  Tropical Cyclone Causes Havoc in Samoa  

On January 3, 2004, tropical cyclone Heta roared through the west coast of the Somoan Islands. The cyclone battered most severely the northern coast where majority of the people lived, including the capital city of Apia. Majority of Samoans are still without running water and electricity even after 10 days. Many SPBD members have been severely affected.


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  Grameen Trust Training, Monitoring and Evaluation Programs  

Grameen Trust started its GB replication program in 1991 and has completed 13 years of operation, providing financial and technical assistance to microcredit organizations. Since inception, Grameen Trust's mission has been to work towards a poverty free world. It has been dedicated to the task of spreading the Grameen Bank approach to microcredit, worldwide.

Upto December 2003, GT has organized 52 Dialogue Programs, which were attended by 928 participants from 102 countries of Asia, Africa, Australia, Pacific Islands, Europe, North, South and Central Americas. During 2003, GT organized 3 International Dialogue Programs and received 41 participants from 18 countries. Up to December 2003, 1254 trainees from 327 organizations, operating in 100 countries from all over the world, attended various Grameen training programs, including 152 trainees from 16 countries in 2003 alone.

GT has organised 37 workshops on different topics, including ‘loan and savings products under Grameen Generalised System’ for the senior management and field level staff of MFIs. A total of 888 participants from replications and other microfinance organizations took part in these workshops.


  Consultancy Services from Grameen Trust  

Grameen Trust offers consultancy services to those organizations that work for setting up and implementing poverty focused microfinance programs, in any country of the world. It also offers its services to directly implement microfinance programs in difficult situations through its “Build, Operate & Transfer” model that has already been successfully applied in Myanmar and Kosovo.

Organizations interested in receiving consultancy or other technical services from Grameen Trust, are request to contact:

Managing Director
Grameen Trust
Grameen Bank Bhaban, Mirpur-2
Dhaka 1216, Bangladesh
Phone/Fax: 880-2-8016319

  Specialized Microcredit MIS Software from Grameen Communications  
Meeting the unique operational needs of microcredit organizations around the world, Grameen Communications (GC) has developed a number of MIS software. It is already being used by Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, Ahon Sa Hirap (ASHI) in the Philippines, CASHPOR Financial and Technical Services Pvt. Limited (CFTS) in UP, India, Grameen Koota in Bangalore, India, Moris Rasik in East Timor. To make the services more flexible and user friendly, GC offers an implementation package to MFIs. The package comprises client driven software with customization option to meet dynamic operational needs, hardware infrastructure development and support services, troubleshooting and maintenance services. With GC implementation package, today 90% of Grameen Bank branches generate numerous managerial reports on a regular basis. More than 900 Grameen branches have stopped manual operations since adoption of this package.

Please visit the GC booth in Asia Pacific Regional Microcredit Summit 2004 and collect free CDs containing MIS Software demos, with three months validation along with the operational manual. For further details please contact

Grameen Communications, 9th floor, Grameen Bank Complex, Mirpur-2, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh
Phone: 8050156, Fax: +88 02 9005350, Internet: www.grameen-info.org/gc Email: [email protected]

  Training on Grameen Bank II  
Grameen Trust and Grameen Bank will offer a training program on Grameen Bank-II, known as Grameen Generalized System in Bangladesh. The training program will cover the innovations introduced by Grameen Bank in the recent past to make microfinance more customer friendly and cost effective.

Organizations interested to participate in the training program, are requested to contact:

Managing Director
Grameen Trust
Grameen Bank Bhaban, Mirpur-2
Dhaka 1216, Bangladesh
Phone/Fax: 880-2-8016319

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Grameen Trust Programs for 2004

Grameen Trust in collaboration with Grameen Bank and the Grameen network partners will organize the following Grameen Dialogue Programs, International Training and Workshops programs for microcredit practitioners worldwide, between October 2003 and December 2004. Interested organizations or individuals that wish to participate, are requested to write immediately to Grameen Trust, Grameen Bank Bhaban, Mirpur - 2, Dhaka- 1216, Bangladesh; Fax & Telephone: 880-2-8016319; E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]

Grameen International Dialogue Programs

48th Grameen International Dialogue
March 13 – 25, 2004
  49th Grameen International Dialogue  
May 29-June 10, 2004
50th Grameen International Dialogue
September 4-16,2004

  Grameen National Dialogue

6th National Dialogue
November 22-25, 2004

Grameen International Training Program

Grameen Basics
March 28 - April 1, 2004
  Grameen Basics  
April 10 - 22, 2004
  Grameen Basics for Bangladeshi Projects  
May 15 - 27, 2004
  Grameen Basics  
August 14 - 26, 2004

Grameen International Workshop Program

Grameen Generalized system
February 22 –26, 2004
  Credit Discipline  
June 20 – 24, 2004
  Business Planning  
September 19-23, 2004
  Loan Portfolio Quality  
October 10 – 14, 2004

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