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  Yayasan Dharma Bhakti Parasahabat

Yayasan Dharma Bhakti Parasahabat (YDBP) is a Grameen Trust partner organization in Indonesia that started its microcredit program in West Java in April, 1999.

Small vendors financed through YDBP Microcredit

The main program activities of YDBP are provision of credit, savings mobilization and raising social awareness for sustainable development of poor communities. YDBP is implementing its credit program in Bekasi, Kerawang, Cirebon provinces of West Java, Indonesia. To select the poorest of its clientele, YDBP used self-developed indicators like capacity of food intake, housing condition, annual income etc. Borrowers of YDBP are using their loans for small business, agriculture, grocery shops, handicrafts etc.

GT has entered into partnership with YDBP in the year 2001. During this period, YDBP has made an impressive progress in its microcredit program.

YDBP is now serving more than 44,000 poor members. It is currently the largest microcredit program in Indonesia that follows the Grameen approach. In 2003, YDBP has completed its fourth year of operation and demonstrated an impressive performance which may be seen from the following facts and figures:

It has opened 31 branches, 2,822 centres and formed 10,077 groups with a total membership of 44,530.

It has disbursed loans equivalent to US$ 4.6 million. The current outstanding loans amounts to US$ 2 million with a repayment rate of 95% and 2% of its portfolio at risk.
YDBP has attained operational self sufficiency in all of its branches and as a whole is 77% operationally self sufficient.
According to YDBP, 58% of its poor borrowers have crossed the poverty line.
YDBP has set up a full fledged training centre for other microfinance institutions which implement credit programs. The organization is offering consultancy services for the capacity building of newly established microcredit organizations in the region.
YDBP has sent 7 of its own staff members to Grameen Trust for training on Grameen Basics, Accounting and Management of microcredit programs.
YDBP has already transformed itself into a rural bank in order to expand its outreach and mobilize members’ savings.



Tasmina Rahman, Grameen trust

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