* Microfinance and Poverty Alleviation, edited by Joe Remeny! and Benjamin Quinones Jr., the Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd, London, 2000. An in depth guide to the key issues in microfincence and poverty alleviation. It features original case studies and research in South Asia, East Asia and the Pacific.

* The Grameen Bank of Bangladesh: History, Procedures Effects, and Challenges, by Abu N.M Wahid & Maxwell K. Hsu in the Journal of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs, London, June, 2000. This article essentially describes the origins, modus operandi and impact of Grameen Bank on the lives of its borrowers.

* An Overview of Grameen Bank Replications in the Philippines and Women Empowerment, by Mimosa Cortez-Ocampo in the Forum of International Development studies # 14 (Nov, 1999). This article drawn from a doctoral thesis by the author, presents preliminary conclusions on the replication experience of Grameen Bank approach (GBA). The findings indicate that GBA is an effective instrument to increase income and empower women even in a different setting like that of the Philippines.

* Micro-finance Newsletter, edited by Faruque Ahmed, April/December 1999, published by Credit and Development and Forum of Bangladesh. This special number highlights the issues relating to the regulatory framework for micro financing by NGOs in developing countries.