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A Case Study on Village Phones

The study by the Canadian International Development Agency contains in depth analysis of the operations of the Village phone initiative by Grameen Telecom, its impact on poverty reduction, the business potential for rural telecommunications in Bangladesh, analysis of gender context and phone use. The report also contains an extensive bibliography with hypertext links to key documents and reports, including an on line video interview with Muhammad.

For further information contact:

Don Richardson

Telecommunication Development Group



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Cortez–Ocampo, Mimosa, An Overview of Grameen Bank Replication in the Philippines and Women Empowerment, Forum of International Development Studies 14, Nov. 1999, Graduate School of International Development, Nagoya University. The article is drawn from the author’s Ph.D. dissertation and highlights the experience with Grameen replication in the Philippines, with particular reference to the Center for Agriculture and Rural Development (CARD) and the Negros Women for Tommorow Foundation (NWTF).

Jain, Pankaj S, Maturing of Micro-credit Movement (Transaction Cost, Profitability and Service Quality): Some points from ASA, Dhaka, 1999. Exclusive focus on the cost effectiveness of ASA, an NGO which has expanded rapidly its micro-credit operations in Bangladesh, vis-�-vis BRAC and Grameen Bank.

New GT Publications

The Grameen Diary

This book is based on the experience of Mr. Y.S.P. Thorat, Regional Director, Reserve Bank of India, who attended a Dialogue programme in 1999. Published by Grameen Trust, Dhaka, Bangladesh, December 1999.

Materials on Grameen Bank in Bhasa Indonesia are available from:

Penebrit Yayasan Pokmas Mandiri (Grameen replica Sumatra), JI. Senayan

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