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  • Shahidur R. Khandker, Fighting Poverty with Microcredit-Experience in Bangladesh
    This book appraises the cost effectiveness of well known microcredit programs in Bangladesh i.e. BRAC, Grameen Bank and the RD-12 projects of the government's Rural Development Board. It also looks at the cost effectiveness of the more traditional anti-poverty efforts such as the governments Food-for-Work program - published by The World Bank, 1998.

  • David S. Gibbons, The Grameen Reader
    This is the Hindi version of the revised and updated collections of training materials for international replicators of the Grameen Bank system. Published by Grameen Trust , Dhaka , April , 1999

  • Grameen Trust Annual Report 1998
    The report provides an overview of replication projects which are funded by Grameen Trust. It also contains financial statements and description of activities of the Trust in 1998. Published by Grameen Trust, Dhaka, June 1999.

  • H.I. Latifee, Grameen Trust : An Update
    The update provides a comprehensive account of Grameen Trust�s programs and activities. Published by Grameen Trust, Dhaka, June 1999.

  • Grameen Trust Institutional Action Plan
    Published by Grameen Trust, Dhaka, June 1999