PEOPLE'S FUND for Microcredit Programs


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G rameen Trust initiated the process of creating a US$ 100 million PEOPLE's FUND to support Grameen replication programs all around the world. We thought people can take the lead and show the way for the governments and global and regional development financial institutions. We wish to reach one million people who would contribute US$100 (or equivalent in other currencies) each to this Fund, to make it happen. We are urging each interested person to persuade four other friends to contribute US$100 each and create a Grameen Support Group.

PEOPLE'S FUND for Microcredit Programs 

Funding from Grameen Trust 

Initiate a group of your own and make the Grameen dream come true at people's initiative. Join the global Grameen movement today and be a partner in creating a poverty-free world.

In the USA, you may send your tax deductible contributions to the Grameen Foundation, USA, 1709 New York Avenue, NW, Suite 101 Washington DC 20006; Fax. 202-628-3880; E-mail:  

From other countries, please send your cheques in favour of:

Grameen Bank Bhaban
Mirpur-Two, Dhaka 1216