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  • Mohiuddin Alamgir, Contribution of Grameen Bank to Gross Domestic Product of Bangladesh : Preliminary Estimates, Grameen Trust, Dhaka, 1998. This is an attempted response to the question of how much microcredit through Grameen Bank contributes to the growth of Bangladesh GDP? The paper presents preliminary estimates of how much GB has contributed financially and economically in recent years.

  • Ute Bernauer, Theo Fiest, Felix Hensel, Rudolf Mack, Karl Osner and Dieter Volfert, Market Economy & personality - The Principle of Responcibility in Economic life, IRP February, 1998. This is a textbook aimed at introducing one of the most important social topics in the present day - ethical economics - motivating him/her to practice it.

  • Muhammad with Alan Jolis, Banker to the poor - Autobiography of Muhammad, University Press Limited, Dhaka, 1998. This is the first South Asian Edition of the autobiography. Available from Grameen Trust.