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Browse the Grameen Web Sites 
1. The Grameen home pages are now available at these sites: 
This is being developed as the official Grameen website. 
This is an extended search utility on Grameen Bank and various enterprises belonging to Grameen family, is available here. You can download the current issues of Grameen Dialogue as well from these sites. 
Our host in the USA 
Linked with the official site and contains concise information on various enterprises as well as the Bank. Shopping Mall of Grameen Uddog is available on this site.
 Web Sites 

Browse the Grameen Web Sites 

GBRP Web Site 
Flood 98 Web Site 

2. Grameen Microcredit Info: 
Includes speech of Dr. Yunus, and other useful links to microcredit     information 

3. Grameen Trust Information  
Bangladesh Site:  
USA Site:  

4. Microcredit Summit Information: 

5. Grameen Foundation USA 

6. Grameen Bank Support Group/ Australia 

7. Grameen Bank Support Group/Japan Bisho Volunteer Organization: 


GBRP Web Site
The Grameen Bank Replication Program (GBRP) has set up a web site which contains information on the activities of the Program including Dialogue Programs, workshops, and training programs organized by GBRP every year, as well as publications brought out. On-line version of Grameen Trust�s newsletter �Grameen Dialogue�  provides details of partner projects worldwide. Contact addresses and monthly statistics of partner projects have been posted. Visitors to this site will also find the application form for the Dialogue Program, membership form for the Grameen Global Network and subscription form for ordering publications. Please browse our website at:


Flood 98 Web Site
Bangladesh has emerged from the worst floods in a century. Grameen Trust has started a web site with information on the flood situation, the extent of damages, the needs of the people, and the relief and rehabilitation efforts of different organizations. 
Visit our web site at: