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Grameen Bank: Experiences & Reflections, (Vietnamese), Muhammad,  Grameen Trust, July 1998,US$ 2  
Grameen Bank: Experiences & Reflections (Hindi), Muhammad, Grameen Trust,  December 1998, US$ 2  
Grameen Bank : Tools & Techniques,   H.I. Latifee, Grameen Trust, 1998, US$1  
Annual Report 1997, Grameen Trust, 1998, US$10  
Grameen Reader (French), David S  Gibbons, Grameen Trust, Dhaka, 1998,  US$10
Professor Yunus� Autobiography
The autobiography of Professor Muhammad, founder of Grameen Bank, has been published in English by Aurum Press Ltd, UK.  The book is now available in 5 languages : 
French Edition: Vers Un Monde Sans Pauvrete � L�autobiographie du banquier des pauvres, J C Lattes, Siege Social, 17, rue Jacob, 75006 Paris, 1997
English Edition: Banker to the Poor, Aurum Press Limited, 25 Bedford Avenue, London WC1B 3AT, UK, 1998. Reprinted in Bangladesh by University Press Ltd. Red Crescent Building, 114 Motijheel Commercial Area G.P.O. Box 2611, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh, Phone: 880-2-9565441, Fax: 880-2-9565443, Email: [email protected] 
Japanese edition: Banker to the Poor, Hayakwa Publishing Inc, 2-2 Kanda-Tacho, Chiyodaku, Tokyo, Japan, 1998
Italian Edition: Il Banchiere dei Poveri, Feltrinelli, Via Andegari 6, 20121 Milano, Italy, 1998
Spanish Edition: Hacia Un Mundo Sin Pobreza, Andres Bello Publishers, Gorriti 4142 (1172) Buenos Aires, 
Argentina, 1998

For publication list and more information, please contact Grameen Trust, Grameen Bank Bhaban, Mirpur 2, Dhaka 1216, Bangladesh, Fax: 8802-806319, 

E-mail: [email protected]. Professor Yunus� autobiography may be purchased directly from publisher at addresses given.