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The following working papers relating to the activities of the Grameen Bank have been made available by the Programme of Research on Poverty Alleviation, Grameen Trust: 

Sustainable Banking with the Poor: A Case Study of Grameen Bank, Syed M Hashemi and Ruth Schuler, PRPA Working Paper No 19. 

Micro Leasing: The Grameen Bank Experience, Asif Ud Dowla, PRPA Working Paper No 21. 

Men's Violence Against Women in Rural Bangladesh: Undermined or Exacerbated by Microcredit Programs? Sydney Ruth Schuler, Syed M. Hashemi and Shamsul Huda Badal, in Development in Practice, Volume 8, Number 2, May 1998. 

Building Social Capital from the Center: A Village Level Investigation of the Grameen Bank, Lisa Young Larance, PRPA Working Paper No 22.  Across rural Bangladesh, non-governmental organizations are offering poor women economic opportunities. Membership in a microcredit institution, such as the Grameen Bank (GB) of Bangladesh, offers women access to financial capital. Access to, and the impact of, this financial capital have been widely researched. Equally important but less explored is the impact institutional affiliation has on members' social development. The author shows how meeting at GB's village-level loan repayment building, "the center," enables women to build social capital beyond their isolated kinship groups. Also, how GB membership promotes the formation of social capital. More specifically, membership enables women to establish individual identity, build group identity, and form new and strengthened networks.