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Giving Credit Where Credit's Due, in The American Benefactor, summer 1998 issue.  

Updates the microlending experience in the USA and abroad. The story focuses on four individuals who have contributed in this field: Muhammad, founder of Grameen Bank in Bangladesh; Kathleen Gordon, founder of Working Capital in Florida; Rosalind Copisarow, founder of Fundusz Mikro in Poland and Bill Clapp, founder of Global Partnerships. Available at: Global Partnerships, 801 Second Ave, Suite 1300, Seattle, WA 98104, Tel: 206-464-509; Fax: 206 - 464 - 5109.  

Grameen Bank: Experiences & Reflections, Professor Yunus, translated into Vietnamese, July 1998, US $ 2.00.  

Reaching the Poor with Effective Microcredit: Evaluation of a Grameen Bank Replication in the Philippines Mahbub Hossain and Catalina P. Diaz, July, 1998, US $2.00.  

Grameen Bank:  Tools  & Technique, Professor H.I. Latifee, August, 1998,  
Annual Report 1997. Published by Grameen Trust.  
Grameen Reader, David S. Gibbons, translated into French, September, 1998, US $ 10.00


The Banker of the Poor, Muhammad, with Alain Jolis, Hayakawa Publishing, Inc. 2-2, Kanda Tacho, Chiyodaku, Tokyo, Japan, 1998. 

Vers Un Monde Sans Pauvrete - L'autobiographie du banquier des pauvres, Muhammad, J.C. Lattes, Siege Social, 17, rue Jacob, 75006 Paris, 1997.