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Workshop on Rehabilitation Strategies

A Workshop on Repayment Problems and Rehabilitation Strategies was organized by Grameen Trust (GT). The Programme was held during September 22-27, 1997, and was hosted by Grameen Bank Nepal, a GT-funded project in eastern Nepal. It has been noted that repayment problems in Grameen-type projects, and inefficient handling of these, have impeded growth and sustainability of the organizations. The workshop was organized to generate awareness amongst the replicators in Nepal by providing a forum for discussion on repayment problems, learning from more experienced projects and deciding on appropriate strategies to counter these problems.

Twenty three participants from various Grameen and other micro-credit projects in Nepal attended the workshop. Staff from Grameen Bank shared their experience and participants were able to identify the specific problems they have faced or may potentially have at different stages. Participants outlined individual plans of action for preventive measures and rehabilitative strategies would be implemented in their respective projects.