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24th International Dialogue Program

Fifteen participants from Brazil, China, Egypt, Gambia, Germany, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Suriname, attended the 24th International Dialogue Program jointly organized by Grameen Trust and Grameen Bank. It was held on November 16-28 1997in Bangladesh.

Participants went for their immersion in Grameen system at locations spread over Grameen branches in Dhaka, Dinajpur, Rajshahi and Faridpur. After six days in the field, the participants shared their experiences relating to the operational system of Grameen Bank and its impact on the lives of the rural poor. Later participants heard Ms. Rosa Marie V. Rivera , Project Manager, MILAMDEC, from the Philippines, about the Grameen replication experience in her country.

The final two days were spent in preparation of action plans in which participants commented on the feasibility of Grameen replication in their countries. Some of the participants drew up detailed proposals for replication and other follow up action on their return home. Some requested funding support from Grameen Trust, while others asked for technical help.