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Grameen Trust Programs: 1998

Grameen Trust will organize the following international as well as national dialogues, workshops and special training programs. The dialogue programs provide an opportunity for participants to gain first hand experience in Grameen philosophy and operational procedures. It will enable participants to closely interact with individuals and institutions in other countries who are already active in poverty alleviation through replication of Grameen approach. It is a forum for mutual learning, sharing an exciting field experience and initiating quick practical follow up action to fight poverty.

The workshops and special training programs are designed to equip the participants with the latest microcredit tools and techniques that are essential for successful implementation of microcredit programs.

Dialogue Programs
International Dialogues
25th Dialogue : Feb 22-March 06, 1998
26th Dialogue : April 19 - May 01, 1998
27th Dialogue : August 02 - 14, 1998
28th Dialogue : November 15-27, 1998

National Dialogue
3rd National Dialogue : June 07-11, 98

Exposure-Evaluation Dialogue
2nd Exposure-Evaluation Dialogue : May 1998
Host : Pro-Mujer, Bolivia


  • Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation
    Host : GB & GT Bangladesh
    January 10-16, 1998