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David S. Gibbons (Ed), The Grameen Reader, Second Edition, Grameen Bank, 1994. US$10.

This is the revised and updated collection of training materials for international replicators of the Grameen Bank system for reduction of rural poverty. It contains key writings by Professor Yunus, founder of the Grameen Bank, and by David Gibbons, on the experience of Amanah Ikhtiar in Malaysia. The revised edition contains an additional essay by Gibbons on the fundamentals of successful replication.

David S. Gibbons and Sukor Kasim, Banking on the Rural Poor, CPR/APDC, 1990. US$10.

An account, by the two founders of project lkhtiar of its adaptations, errors and lessons learned and its institutionalisation into Amanah lkhtiar Malaysia which is now the oldest and largest replication in Asia of the Grameen Bank approach.

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