I Dream . . .

I have been meaning, to write to you ever since I have read about you, As a Buddhist please may I say, Tha Du- which is a way of praising the good deeds you have done.Grameen Bank�s success, to use the expression, really out, of this world. I am really, surprised that you could conceive a scheme like that for poor women. They are really lucky. I have recently read in the newspaper that Nepal is going to set up at mobile credit fund for rural women. I am so happy for them. We in Myanmar, or Burma, have rural banking schemes, although not especially aimed at women, and they are quite successful.

What made me write to you is the condition of urban unemployed, women and women employed in private enterprises, who do not have any collateral or guarantor cannot get any loans from the banks and fall into the grip of loan sharks who their lives. I do feel very deeply for them as I am one of them.

What I dream of is an institution where a really desperate women can go to and get help financially without any strict regulations. Not a charity mind You! Wishful dreaming? May be.

Which reminds me, of a Whoopie Goldberg's movie when she went to a, women�s bank to get a loan but found out that the regulations were the same,

I want to change all that and I want to add more. For educated unemployed middleaged women like me, who do not have any chance in job markets, I want to teach them new skills and jobs which they could do, at home,

But to achieve all that I need help from God! My eldest daughters is very bright and is an intelligent Economics honors student from the Institute of Economics in Yangon, (You might have heard that all the schools here are closed temporarily) who is helping the family's finances by, baking and tries her luck at the State Lottery every Week. Of course, I do, pray for her success.

Well I guess I will have to stop my letter here or I might go on and on. May, you have success in everything you do

Khin Saw Aung
7/7,Lanthit Yeikthat
Phonegyi St.Yangon.
June 6, 1997