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The first decade of CARD (Center for Agricultural & Rural Development) witnessed a steady growth of one of the most simple yet effective form of rural credit. As of May 1997, CARD (through iits Landless People's Development Fund or LPDF) has extended loans in excess of 90 million pesos. The repayment rate is an even more amazing 99.68%. CARD has collaborated with other private, government and non-government organizations, in implementing various community-based projects -- ranging from basic services to infrastructure, from education to agriculture.

And who can testify better to CARD's effective delivery of credit than the actual persons who benefited from it. Thousands of individuals, especially women, who were seemingly trapped in poverty a few years ago, now have higher income and have far more positive outlooks for their future.

As expansion becomes inevitable,CARD saw the need to evolve into a more institutionalized and permanent entityhence the CARD BANK. The bank is due to begin operation from September, 1997. With CARD BANK, the center has pushed the boundaries even more to further its services and its clientele base.

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The Cheif Executive CARD BANK
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