Letter from Turkey

The Turkish Grameen Microcredit Project(TGMP) arranged three workshops for its members for the first time. Each workshop was for two days, with about 40 participants. About two thirds of the participants were members of TGMP, while others were members of other local NGOs. Each five hour long workshop focused on the important success factors of microcredit programs, highlighting rules and regulations and the importance of credit discipline. We discussed issues relating to development and family welfare. We discussed family planning, prevention of common diseases, the care of children, care of livestock, and also entrepreneurship development. We believe the workshops will have a positive impact on the members.

We are currently thinking of extending TGMP’s area of operation to other cities, but they would still be under the supervision of our current two branches, Diyarbakir and Bismil. Bismil may extend to Cinar and Silvan, both of which are about 50 km from Bismil. We are thinking of extending the Diyarbakir branch to Ergani town, which is also about 50 km from Diyarbakir.

The management of the Bismil branch is now considering starting fortnightly installments. Members find it difficult to meet weekly and pay installments every week. Fortnightly installments would begin in the Bismil on an experimental basis. The Diyarbakir branch would continue, however, as before.

 Shamsul Alam Khan Chowdhury

Project Director
18 September 2004

Hungarian Initiative


I am writing to you from Budapest, Hungary, on behalf of myself and my associate, Kriszta Pap.

Since last February Kriszta and myself have been researching opportunities to replicate the Grameen program in Hungary. Both of us are former Aiesec-members, in the Netherlands, Hungary and Venezuela and were often confronted with the local problems of poverty. On the other hand in Aiesec many resources are in use that reflect your opinion and solution. Hence, we became interested in replicating this program in Hungary.

We are currently researching, together with Ashoka fellows in Hungary which villages/municipalities are most appropriate for the program, keeping in mind that we want to find the poorest people in Hungary. Also, we have been working with a lawyer to establish a legal body for this purpose. Due to requirements of the Hungarian law, we have decided to set up a foundation of so called public interest, here in Budapest. We are about to submit the registration papers to the local courthouses for approval. The sole purpose of this foundation, named the Seagull Foundation, is to implement a Grameen style program in the Hungarian countryside. We know that similar projects are running and are successful in Bosnia and in Poland.

We need information mainly on two things:

Is it possible to participate in the training program, which would bring us to Bangladesh to get on the job training and insight into the method. We fully subscribe to the credit delivery system as it is published on the website, but we feel that a deeper understanding would be required.

We know of Grameen Trust and its support to replication initiatives. So we would like to know what kind of requirements we would have to fulfill in order to be eligible for financial support in any way from the Grameen Trust to jumpstart this replication initiative?

Jeroen Prinsen
E-mail: [email protected]?
April 5, 2004

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Keen on International Dialogue


I am applying to attend the 50 th Grameen International Dialogue in Bangladesh (September 4-16, 2004). We are currently in the process of creating our own microcredit organization and would like to attend your training program.

I have visited one of your “Replicator” organizations in Honduras and was very impressed with the system. We have plans to start a similar organization in Latin America and we would like to take a closer look at how you operate. We are still in the early stages of planning and have not yet finalized our structure.  

Ryan T. Young

Managing Director
Common Interest International
58 Discovery Heights SW
Calgary , Alberta
Canada T3H 4Y6
March 30, 2004

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Grameen Awareness in France


I was delighted to find an article about your splendid work in the English school-book I am presently using with my sixteen-year-old French pupils. Of course it will be the perfect opportunity to approach the subject and make them aware of the possibilities and resources each individual can have if she/he is offered a minimum investment at the start. Developing countries should not be given charity, but the chance to help themselves. There is such latent energy in them, which is only waiting to explode into real initiatives. Local initiatives in developing countries appeal to me very strongly as, together with a Tamil social worker, I founded an NGO 10 years ago to launch income generating projects in rural areas, and one of our next projects is precisely to open microcredit for the poor village women in the state of Tamilnadu.

I will let you know my pupils’ feedback on your work and how the project of microcredit is evolving.

Brigitte Guittat

Bel Air 42660, JONZIEUX, France
e-mail: [email protected]
November 24, 2004

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Helping the Poor in Tamil Nadu


Our Trust has been serving the general public, the poorest of the poor, widows, handicapped, deserted women and the unprivileged community of the society in our area, since 1998.

We wish to help the poorest of poor to promote their own development in all walks of life in India.

I request training, technical and financial assistance and Grameen Trust’s support to replicate a project in India.

M. Muthusamy

Managing Trustee
Rural Integrated Center For Agricultural and Educational Trust
2/210, East Street, Irukkangudi, Sattur T.K., Virudhnagar Dt.
Tamilnadu , India
E-mail: [email protected]
April 9, 2004


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