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Since its modest beginning in 1993, GB computerization programme has now become quite extended. By the end of 2002, as many as 937 branches had been computerized. To increase the operational efficiency of any financial institution, it is important to minimise paper work, particularly at the branch level. Given the limitations of power supply, it is still not possible to derive maximum benefit from the computerization of Grameen management information system, especially in the rural areas.

During the year, 25 new Information Management Centres at the area level utilising the existing 239 computers which were earlier installed in the branches. Over and above, 110 new computers were also added. At the Information Management Centres, three branches are served by one computer. All branches within an area receive services from the centre. Each centre provides the requisite data for loan monitoring and accounting services on a regular basis. Therefore, it has been possible to both reduce costs and increase the efficiency of the branch level operation through extensive computerization.

When each Information Management Centres attain their full capacity to serve 3 branches with one computer, it would then be possible to serve all the branches by the end of 2003.

Information regarding the progress of the computerization programme for the end of 2002 through the area level Information Management Centres is furnished below :
During the year, 13 out of 15 zonal offices were brought under Internet network. As a result data transfer has become both easy and less expensive. Grameen Communications, an independent company provides necessary technical assistance for supporting the computerization programme of Grameen Bank.
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