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The higher education loan programme was introduced in 1997 for the children of Members of Grameen Bank so that they can pursue education at the highest level. Since its inception, the programme has distributed 20,886 loans amounting to Tk. 621.42 million (US$ 9.41 million). During 2007, 7,205 students were sanctioned higher eduction loans. Khulna zone has the most number of students (1,805) receiving Higher Education Loans, with Jessore Zone second (1,324). The Atalia Dumuria Branch under Khulna Zone has given the highest number of student loans (106).
Disbursement of Higher Education Loans Up to December, 2007.
Degree/Discipline Number Amount (Taka)
Masters (General) 960 18,835,488
Bachelor degree (Honours) 18,664 566,235,905
MBA 50 1,188,925
BBA 203 5,318,800
B. Sc. (Engineering) 420 11,264,305
M. Sc. (Agriculture) 63 1,709,600
B. Sc. (Agriculture) 292 8,465,925
Degree in Medicine 234 8,405,375
An unreachable dream became reality in Razia’s life

Razia Sultana the daughter of Mrs. Safia Begum, an honourable member of Grameen Bank, Rangpur Dumuria Branch under Khulna zone, completed her honours degree in International Relationships from Dhaka University after receiving a higher education loan from Grameen Bank. Due to poor economic condition and various social barriers, Razia's family was at dire strait but with a continuous inspiration from her parents and help from Grameen Bank, this unreachable dream came to a reality when she admitted in Dhaka University. Razia's future dream after graduation is to put her knowledge into the development of the poor children and their mothers and the dream became a reality when after her graduation from Dhaka University, she selected to have a scholarship from a well-known university in South Korea for higher education through Grameen Bank. Razia and her family could not believe the news at all and Razia burst into tears out of joy. Razia stated afterwards that without the help of the Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus, the dream would never come true.   An unreachable dream became reality in Razia’s life
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